Why vote IndraEOS?

Fully integrated Fiat ➝ EOS participation experience. icon

Fully integrated Fiat ➝ EOS participation experience.

IndraEOS is part of Indra Crypto Capital, which is probably the only company in the world fully committed to building a fully integrated Fiat->EOS participation onramp that takes users through the shortest possible path from Fiat into Owning, Staking, Voting and Lending EOS.

Technical & operating expertise icon

Technical & operating expertise

IndraEOS is owned and operated by the same team (YieldWallet) that has built and is running numerous services on Tezos, Decred, Livepeer, Cardano and others. We have expertise in running highly scalable, available, fault tolerant systems with 24/7 DevOps support.

Moving the needle on EOS performance icon

Moving the needle on EOS performance

We are working on introducing Performance staking - a slashing protocol that penalizes block producers whenever node performance or resource overheads drop below pledged quotas. While purely voluntary, we believe that Block producers including ourselves will adopt this standard to showcase their 'skin in the game'

Crypto activism icon

Crypto activism

IndraEOS is led by a team completely committed to the free market and decentralization principles espoused by the Crypto community. We will fight, lobby and agitate as needed to bring this vision of the future to reality.

Geographical diversity icon

Geographical diversity

We have the dual advantage of being Headquartered in one of the most Crypto friendly jurisdictions in the world, the British Virgin Islands, while operating out of major population and technology centers in Chennai and Mumbai, India. We are committed to bringing EOS awareness to a largely untapped market: the large tech savvy and crypto friendly community in India.


Get informed

Please find out who is running and judge each candidate on their contribution before casting your vote. Find here the list of candidates ordered by their ranking.

Pick a tool

There are multiple clients you can use to cast your votes on EOS. Below, you’ll find instructions and download links for three tools that we consider to be most convenienent.